1. Scorpion found in bedroom at our house in London. Invited to Zoo for identification today!

  2. Tickets and info

    See you there!

    B x

  3. Selfie. Backstage, Joe’s Pub, New York, June 2014.

  4. Crikey! I’m nominated for the Samuel Johnson Non-Fiction Prize with ‘Romany and Tom’!

  5. In a Valium haze 48 floors up in Melbourne! All set for tonight’s show at NGV + readings at Melbourne Writers Fest.

  6. Holiday season at Osaka station #selfie

  7. My 1968 sunburst Gibson Byrdland. Bought in 1984 from The Smiths’ producer, John Porter. We met at Finchley Rd tube. He had it wrapped in a towel. Became my tour guitar. Also used on early EBTG B-sides like Riverbed Dry. Recently recorded The Gun and Young Mans’s Game with it for Hendra album.

  8. My 1962 tobacco sunburst Gretsch Clipper. The sound of Summer into Winter, North Marine Drive and Eden.

  9. Last show of the tour. San Francisco. And it’s a sell out. Thanks to everyone who has been along!

  10. Sensational scenes as the venue next door lends their Wurlitzer to save tonight’s @columbiatheater show.

  11. Just recorded ‘Spring’ on a free park piano in Seattle for @kexp

  12. Tight. Cancelled the plane. We’re rolling to Minneapolis with our big pal Todd (@lunamusic) Robinson.

  13. Tonight. The Drake. Toronto.


  14. Raw and totally acoustic. One ambient mic. A couple of cameras. Here’s ‘Hendra’ performed for People Magazine.

  15. Epic Deco! The awesome 30th St station in Philadelphia. Heading for Alexandria.